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Thank You, President Obama! Presidential Etiquette

So I check the mail & what do I see? A hand addressed card from the President of the United States!  I sent the President birthday wishes & words of support and he personally signed a sweet thank you note just in time for my birthday! Awesome! (PS also got the 60th anniversary Jet w/the President on the cover)

Of course, I know he has a fabulously effective social secretary office that assists him with his correspondence but I also know that he reads letters and personally responds and signs as well.  So it was a wonderful surprise to see my name on a handwritten envelope from the White House especially since my birthday is this upcoming Saturday.  It is also a great reminder of how sweet simple acts of etiquette and kindness really are.  Handwritten notes are just superior to emails. Saying thank you is polite and is appreciated.

I love the Presidential stationary too!  I still have my official Inauguration invitations and tickets and they are simply lovely.  There’s no better time then the upcoming holidays to send some great notes of your own.  Regional stores have all kinds of stationary options to make it easy.  I have a box of my favorite finds – monograms, prints and jewel tones that I’m now even more inspired to send.

Thank You, Mr President Barack Obama!

Acts of Kindness #PayItForward

Happy Anniversary, Mr. President!

Today is the First Lady and President’s Wedding Anniversary so we thought we’d send our best wishes.  If you would like an officially signed greeting from the President on your special occasion, keep reading!

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How to Order Greetings From the White House

New Babies, Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and more

Excerpts from  , Guide

The White House will send greeting cards signed by the President of the United States to commemorate special events, accomplishments or milestones free of charge to U.S. citizens. To request a greeting card from the President, just follow these guidelines from the White House Greetings Office:


Requests may be submitted through the office of one of the U.S. Senators or U.S. Representatives from your state. Requests can also be mailed, at least six weeks in advance of the event to: White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. 20500. For faster service, requests can also be faxed to 202-456-2461.

Events that will get you a greeting from the White House:

ANNIVERSARY GREETINGS. Anniversary greetings will be sent to couples who are celebrating a 50th, 60th, 70th or later wedding anniversary.

BIRTHDAY GREETINGS. Birthday greetings will be sent only to people turning 80 or older or veterans turning 70 or older.

  • Wedding (send your request after the event)
  • Baby’s birth or adoption of a child
  • Retirement after at least 30 years on the same job
  • Eagle Scout Award
  • Girl Scout Gold Award
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah or equivalent religious occasion

REQUIRED INFORMATION. Please include the following in your request:

  • name and home address of honoree(s)
  • form of address (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., Miss, etc.)
  • exact date of occasion (month, day, year)
  • age (birthdays) or number of years of marriage
  • your (the requestor’s) name and daytime phone number
  • any specific mailing instructions if other than to honoree’s address
  • Wedding (Include couple’s married names and current or new address)

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